Suzlon Energy a penny stock whose shares were trading at a value of 10 rupees in January 2022 is now trading at a value of 40 rupees giving an unbelievable Multibagger like stock return of 400% in a sin

gle year and has comes in the categories of a multibaggger stock. it had 4x the money of the investor. The history of the stocks has been like a roller coaster ride .



Suzlon energy was founded in 1995 and works in the sector of renewable energy providing solutions in wind energy and solar energy sector. it provide a one stop solution to the customer that cover the entire spectrum of wind energy projects . suzlon energy has presence in almost 17 countries in the world and has headquater in pune. suzlon energy has in been in the industries since more than 20+ years

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Suzlon was listed in the stock market in 2005 at a price range of 120 and in only 2 years it has tripled the amount of investors in 2007 . this was the golden time of suzlon energy when it was at his peak which was 360. its was nice bull run of the stocks but after 2007 and hitting almost 400 in stock market the price started to decrease day by day . the stocks price felt from 400 rupess to nearly 40 in 2009 in 3 years . that was the time people thought it the stock is dead but how it has been coming in the news due its shocking returns in the recent quarters .


the fear of the stocks in stocks market was so that the price of the stocks price of suzlon energy came from 400 in 2007 to 1 rupees in 2019-2020 . and after then a sudden carze of this stocks started to happen in the market and then it started to swore from 1 to 30 in 2-3 years . by looking at the trends we cant make sure if this bullish trend will continue or a sudden correction in the market will happen all of the sudden



flat lay economy cris indicated by arrows
  1. The Company Is Almost Dept Free
  2. Company Comes Under The Top 5 Companies In His Sector
  3. The Sales Figures Of The Company Is Constantly Increasing From past 3 years
  4. Company Has A Good ROCE of 20%
  1. Promoter holding is low: 13.3%
  2. Stock is trading at 15.0 times its book value
  3. Company Doesn’t has enough Cash Flows
  4. SEBI has marked Suzlon in the surveillance section which is concerning


These stock may be a multibagger for 2024 but it comes with a lot of risk as this stocks has degraded from 400 to 1 . this shocking ups and down causes an investor an fOMO . but looking at the balance sheet the company looks normal but not that great to be give 400% in a year . the hype of the stocks is real in the market , at thing no one can which time should we put money in this stocks as this stock seems unpredictable .


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